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Can you imagine the opportunities you'd be presented with if you were lucky enough to be one of the first employees at Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook or any other major global or national brand? Talk about a fast track to success. Do you get fired up thinking about the possibility of jumping on board with a small company recently funded for national expansion? Do you have what it takes to make the cut? Are you a mountain climber? Do you embrace change? Do you pour your heart and soul into everything you do? Do you desire personal growth and accountability?

If your neck is getting sore from nodding you may be part of the 1% we'd like to welcome aboard. Most people won't do the things it takes to be successful. That's why most people won't find success. We're looking for some good, honest, hard-working folks to join us on our amazing journey.

Check out our available opportunities (below) and apply for the job of a lifetime.
Locals Love Us. Love your job. Love your life. Sales Agent

Sales leadership positions in Tyler, Longview & Waco TX; Lafayette & Shreveport LA; Winston-Salem NC; Quad Cities IA

As a Sales Agent you and 2-4 other sales leaders will work together to:
  • Develop the Locals Love Us program in an assigned city/region
  • Coordinate various local promotional activities
  • Educate local business owners, managers and media about the program
  • Participate in local networking groups
  • Attend social business events
  • Reach out to people in the community through events designed to rally votes for the annual Locals Love Us competition
  • Deliver awards to winning businesses
  • Set meetings with winning businesses via phone, email and face-to-face contact
  • Meet with owners/managers of top ranked businesses, offering for sale various advertising solutions, and securing them as clients

Our solutions are unique in that they are built around the most effective marketing tool of all time - trusted customer recommendations. And although we have a recipe book, we're always looking to toss fresh new ideas into the pot to see what else we can cook up! Bottom line, your input is valued.


One of the greatest blessings we've discovered in our business model is the freedom that it creates for our sales professionals 6 months every year. We call this our "B-season". It is during this B-season that our agents have opportunities to serve their clients and community, develop new markets, mentor new hires, spend more time with their family and friends and enjoy some downtime.

Our "A-season" is the 6 months where most of the sales in your home market are made. If you're familiar with the farming industry, this is our harvest. We work long days, calling and meeting with clients and prospects 50+ hours a week, regularly meet as a team, update and track activity in company systems, attend local networking events and spend time on various training and other personal development activities. Your first A-season will be your most intense 6-months, as you acquire new knowledge, skills and build relationships in your community.


Like any business venture, your market will be built on hard work and sacrifice. However, with Locals Love Us your rewards are not years away. Within 6 months, your market will be established. We carry you on a draw of $2500/mo as you build your market. A successful agent will see their income increase annually, earning a six-figure income by their third or fourth year, and will be blessed by all of the great relationships they will have developed in the local business community.

Successful agents will be awarded the opportunity to develop new markets, helping other agents build their markets. This provides a residual source of income that you'll be qualified to receive annually. Our model allows us the ability to offer an amazing future for those willing to put in the required effort on the front end. And just to put your mind at ease, this is not "network marketing".

  • You'll be cruising the streets in a Locals Love Us branded vehicle ... your mobile office, marketing machine and sales tool. You will get noticed ;)
  • We provide you with the equipment you need (ie, iPad, cell phone, etc) to be efficient and effective at your job.
  • We love experiences, and have been known to place our people on cruise ships, beaches, at entertainment venues, or on airplanes with parachutes on their backs (by choice, of course).
  • Traditional benefits including health, dental and vision insurance.
  • Additional benefits are currently being evaluated that will be in line with our emphasis on the company culture and transforming lives.
Our investment and commitment to you and your market are substantial:
  • We provide a superior product, systems, tools and support necessary to succeed.
  • We invest a significant amount of money into your market before you sell anything.
  • We generate prospects for you via our annual competition, giving you excellent opportunities to meet with the most successful business owners and leaders in your community.
  • We're in the business of transforming your life and community. We're passionate about helping you discover real success in every area of your life.
A strong candidate for this position will possess the following traits:
  • Engaging communicator (verbal and written)
  • Strong presence
  • Proficient with technology (eg, iPad, cell phone, email, facebook, navigating the web, etc)
  • Solid work ethic
  • Comfortable communicating with all types of people
  • Ability to engage in meaningful conversations about various types of businesses
  • Good at presenting solutions and solving problems
  • Confident in handling objections and closing sales
  • Ability to eliminate distractions and focus on success-generating activities
  • Handles rejection well

Apply by emailing your resume to careers at localsloveus dot com, telling us why you think you'd be a great fit for the position.

Company Description

It's September 1620, Plymouth England. The town is all abuzz about this ship, the Mayflower, that's set to depart to some "New World", a land of apparent freedom and opportunity. Most folks, afraid to step out into the unknown, pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity. We however, are the first ones onboard, ready for the challenge, fired up about the journey, and confident that we're being called to something greater than we currently understand.


Locals Love Us is a young company (2004), just recently funded for national expansion (2011). Over the past year we've opened our first handful of expansion cities, and are itching to get into the next couple hundred! We're looking for captains, leaders, adventurers, and fellow go-hards to jump onboard with us as we set sail on our Mayflower journey.


We're here to deliver joy through our mission of sharing the love. We do this by caring for our culture, our people, and the communities we serve. We hire for passion and attitude, and empower people to make a difference. Our battle cry, Charge!, reminds us how success happens, as we look to Colossians 3:23 for inspiration, pouring our hearts into everything we do.

WHAT WE DO, the core of our word-of-mouth recommendation engine, helps consumers find the "most loved" businesses in a city, voted by local residents. Visitors can even filter results to include only opinions of people in a certain neighborhood, age group, gender, income level and more. Our printed directories, social media and local recognition programs round out our local consumer-to-business match-making system. Besides match-making, we are passionate about sharing the love in the communities we serve.

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"I love my job. I really do. Every day I get to meet with owners and leaders of the most loved places in town - handing out awards, promoting them and selling advertising that helps people find places they love. Not looking for a job? Neither was I. But now, I can't imagine trading in these new relationships, freedoms and opportunities for anything. I love working for a company that's in the business of transforming my life and my community." – Ryan Bell, Local Sales Agent