What is this "Locals Love Us" thing?

It's a group hug from the community.

It's a safe way to show your affection for a local business.

It's a fun new way to support your favorite local places and win stuff.

It's a quick way to find out which places the locals adore.

How does it work?

You vote. We tally. They win.

We set up a pretty sophisticated voting system that asks local people where they do their business. It's also setup to stop cheaters from, well, cheating. Once a year we tally your votes, post the results online and in a printed directory, and crown 1 to 5 winners in each category.

Why would I vote?

You are a nice person and want to help people find places they'll love.

Someone wow'd you with their product or service and you want to thank them.

You like iPads and gift certificates to fun local businesses, and found out we're giving them away every year to locals who vote in our survey.

You missed the polls during the last Presidential election and need to redeem yourself.

Good stuff! Who do I thank?

You get a site that lets you recommend your local faves. Your local faves get a site that brings loyal customers like you together. You win excellent prizes. They win awards and public recognition. And the cool thing is, ALL of this is funded by your own locally-loved businesses.

You see, after you tell us who the most loved businesses in town are, we give them free publicity and offer them exciting promotional opportunities that help fund the contest, website and prizes. Because only the top-ranked businesses are allowed to participate, most of them typically do. Lucky you. Be sure to let 'em know how much they're appreciated.